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Self Compassion

Self Esteem


Natalie Hartney, MA

I have been working as a Nationally Board Certified Counselor in private practice since 2014. I  live on a modern farm homestead in Northwest Indiana with my husband, kitty Fifi and our Golden Retriever, Winston. I am the mom to two amazing young adults, one of whom is an artist and the other is in business innovation. I am excited to share my knowledge, offer these classes in a group format, and help to share the good. I am, and my practice is, LGBTQ+ allied, and welcoming. Drop me an email if you are interested in 1-1 work.

Working on a Laptop


Providing Affordable Access to Mental Wellness
 work at your own pace
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complete as quickly as you like,
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Workshops will cover a wide variety of mental wellness topics. We begin at the very beginning with self-compassion, which is the foundation off all other topics. In the near future, Anger Management and Self-Esteem will be available, as well. The broad range of offerings will continue to grow. With 12 weeks of access, you are encouraged to work at your own pace, and in settings that are most comfortable for you. In addition to the material I will present via video, I will also provide curated resources including articles, videos from around the web, and exercises to help you along the way. As always, you will have access to me to answer your questions and provide feedback on the work you're doing.


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