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Launching October 8, 2021

Bad Childhood

A Mental Health Podcast 

"Many bad childhoods are filled with weird situations, mysteries, lies, false identities, and in my case, maybe even, spies."

Your host, Natalie Hartney is a  Bad Childhood survivor and thriver, and a licensed professional counselor in private practice. Her stories are hardly exclusive to her, and she hopes that by talking about her bad childhood, she makes it easier for others to talk about theirs!  


With each episode you will hear therapeutic lessons and insights usually reserved for the session space. And, while she is a therapist, this is a no guru zone! No yoga matts or health food required.


A new episode will drop every other Wednesday and is available through Apple, Amazon and Spotify, and can be found in any app that offers pod casts.

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Two Minute Workshops

Check back post-launch for the empowering Two-minute Workshop series that will build on the themes of each podcast episode!

Low Self Esteem



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