Through the Fence

How to be the Most Powerful Person in the Room

The Importance of Assertiveness

Anger management and assertiveness skills are very closely linked. Anger issues arise from suppression of emotional response. We store uncomfortable stuff so automatically that we hardly know it, then all of sudden...BOOM! I'm now pissed off. Imagine that your anger becomes controllable. Imagine that when you are in the midst of something that bothers you, you have the ability to feel it, express it, and make change. Imagine that the emotional powder keg that impacts your relationships, work satisfaction, and even criminality, is defused. Anger does not make us the most powerful person in the room. Emotional regulation and assertiveness, do.

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The Importance of Building Self Compassion

Building a habit of compassionate awareness is building strength to face the realities of life through a lens of kindness, encouragement, and bravery. With self-compassion, the brain can create new neural pathways that support resiliency, and improve our ability to regulate emotions. Decreased reactivity also mitigates symptoms often associated with depression and anxiety. Start here. This is a basis of mental wellness, and sets the stage for all future workshops!

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